2013 Gold Nugget Winners Book - page 35

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Judges Statement:
This village is a mixed-use campus
community that will house 3,000 university affiliates and
is the largest planned Zero Net Energy Community in the
nation. The 130-acre site plan embodies the key principles of
environmental responsiveness and quality of place.
The site plan is designed to respond to environmental factors
like sun, wind and water. Buildings are oriented for optimal
solar control and access to prevailing breezes for passive
cooling. A system of bioswales and seasonal ponds capture,
collect and filter stormwater reducing water pollution and
replenishing groundwater. The site plan was derived from
the predominate mode of transportation in Davis, the bike. A
network of bike lanes and paths connect to the core campus
and link a series of landscaped open spaces. At the heart of
the neighborhood is a civic Village
Square. The site plan consolidates a majority of the parking
along the site’s eastern edge, which means student
apartments are primarily accessed by bike or foot along a
central bike/ped spine. The consolidated parking provides an
ideal site for large solar carports. In this way, the parking real
estate became part of the renewable energy strategy, and
as an added benefit, the solar canopies provide significant
shading minimizing the heat island effect.
Grand Awards
UC Davis West Village
Davis, CA
CP Construction West
West Village Community Partnership,
LLC—a joint venture led by Carmel Partners of
San Francisco with their partner, Urban Villages
of Denver
Land Planner:
Moore Rubell Yudell
Best Community Site Plan
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