2013 Gold Nugget Winners Book - page 49

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Best Responsive Design – Special Needs
Community Statement:
Walmart partnered with HomeAid America to develop a grant designed to retro fit existing homeless shelters facilities with energy efficient
upgrades that enabled each facility operator to transfer budgeted funds from facility operations and maintenance to operating programs. The goal of this grant was to
create a 40% savings of energy costs, with a five year payback of the energy efficient upgrade costs. This project began with an energy audit, and it was determined that
the following items should be addressed in order to meet Walmart’s ESP Grant guidelines. Replacement of both HVAC systems in the project, replace all lighting with high
efficiency lighting fixtures, building envelope seal, replacement of old refrigerators with new energy star compliant appliances, removal and replacement of existing attic
insulation, with an expected energy cost savings of the desired 40% goal. The project received the items stated above and additionally HomeAid Orange County’s,
partners provided a solar assisted heated water system, 4.7 KWh Solar Array, an Energy-Star roofing system, sola tubes, and paint for the interior and exterior of the
facility. The energy savings to date has been a 50% savings of energy expenses for
the facility.
Grand Award
H.I.S. House
Placentia, CA
Black Diamond Custom Builders
HomeAid Orange County
Interior Design:
Audra Miller Interiors
Photographer: In-Reflection Studio
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