2013 Gold Nugget Winners Book - page 50

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Best Responsive Design – Special Needs
Community Statement
: Like most cities in our country, San Diego struggles with how best to help people who live on our streets while also ensuring quality of life and
safety for businesses and residents in areas affected by homelessness. Ten years ago, organizations in both the private and public sector came together to combat this
growing issue and ten years later, The Project has been created.
The first of its kind in California and quite possibly the nation, this project has been created to meet the needs of the homeless. The community provides medical and
personal services (ex. Resume writing classes, therapy sessions, computer classes, job building center, fitness classes, etc.), interim and permanent housing all under one
roof. The project offers a community center, an industrial size kitchen where meals are served twice a day to all tenants, a community computer room and in the sub-
basement depot, supportive group classes/therapy sessions.
An integrated service and residential community, the primary goal at The Project is getting homeless people off neighborhood streets and into temporary housing and
eventually to permanent independence.
Grand Awards
Connections Housing
San Diego, CA
Turner Construction
Affirmed Housing Group
Architects Bundy & Thompson
Interior Design:
Architects Bundy & Thompson /MS Studio Designs
Photographer: With Life In Mind Photography / Karras Creative / ArroyoPhotos
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