2013 Gold Nugget Winners Book - page 51

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Best Responsive Design – Special Needs
Grand Award
7th and H
Sacramento, CA
JR Roberts Deacon Construction
Mercy Housing California
Executive Architect:
Mogavero Notestine Associates
Design Architect/Interior Design:
SERA Architects
Community Statement
: This is a signature project for the
City’s efforts to end chronic homelessness by integrating a
community clinic and social services in the building to “house
the whole person.” Unlike traditional models where service
providers and housing management only occasionally see
each other, the goal is to provide natural opportunities for
housing, clinic and case management staff to combine their
efforts onsite as a team to greatly benefit resident care.
Literally in the shadow of the county jail and adjacent to
an electrical substation, the site posed interesting design
challenges to make it connected, safe and part of the
neighborhood. To encourage resident socialization, the building
has retail, two large outdoor terraces and generous common
space at the second floor. Double
height floor lounges with balconies at every other floor above,
further strengthen the community.
Photographer: Frank Domin Photography
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