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Best International On the Boards Project–

Commercial andResidential Awards

Judges Statement

: The Hutong Courtyard Villages embrace the 2000-year old traditional home of Beijing, known as the hutong, with modern design elements –

transforming the historic icon into a reimagined place. Beijing is a city rich in history and unique culture with an ever-growing interest to modernize. In Beijing, the

Forbidden City and hutongs (“quadrangles”) – defined as a courtyard surrounded by houses along four sides to the north, south, east and west – create a dynamic urban

texture representative of China’s imperial metropolis. The design integrates this urban texture into the project planning by clustering the homes with courtyard and

circulation at a similar scale to the traditional hutong, allowing residents to embrace the familiarity of the city in this modern community.

The low-density master plan combines four-unit groups; each designed to house a private courtyard. Traditionally, Chinese design references the harmony between

human and nature, as a result, the design incorporates varying scales of courtyards to penetrate into every corner of the house, each with different functions, so that user

experience is heightened. Complemented by the use of modern materials and a play on its social and physical relationship to the surrounding context, the traditional

Hutong is restored to a desirable, current and culturally relevant way of life.

Grand Award

Hutong Courtyard Villages

Xidian Village Sunhe Town, Zhaoyang District Beiing City,China


Cofco Property (Beijing)


Joseph Wong Design Associates


L&A Design Group

Interior Designer:


Award of Merit

Luxe Hills

Shuangliu County, Chengdu, China


Chengdu Wide Horizon Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.


Dahlin Group Architecture Planning

Yixing Medical Health Community

Yixing, China


Yixing Guo He Healthcare Service Industry Investment Co

Land Planner:

Danielian Associates

Photographer: Lei Kang

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