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Home of the Year

Judges Statement:

An unexpected choice for sure, this home captivated the judge’s hearts. From the first moment, the home’s simple form and charming details

encouraged us to dig deeper. This home, though it is small, exemplifies the characteristics of a well-designed home, proving that square footage or construction budgets

aren’t what set a great home above the rest, rather it is how the space that is available is used. This house employs indigenous construction techniques and materials

but the completed home would be the envy of any luxury homebuilder. Most of all, this home embraces and celebrates its setting with great outdoor space. This humble

home is truly the Home of the Year.

Photographer: Rigoberto Moreno Santana

Flora Farms Cottage

Las Animas, Baja BCS


The Verano Group


Flora Investments Inc.


Dorman Associates, Inc

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