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Judges Special Awardof Excellence

Judges Statement:

Just on its submittal and its inherent attributes, this project is a winner. However, the judges decided that its story was unique and worthy of special

award consideration. You can call it Community Spirit or Service but the end result is that the story is so compelling that it merits your interest and certainly industry


You may start with the LEED Platinum Standards, the simple charming design elements, site limitations, and the comfortable neighborhood feel. Given the focus on

affordable and low income clients, it is all the more impressive that the project team was able to accomplish. When you add the primary goal of the client profile that

it make a significant contribution toward meeting the housing needs of local Farm Labor. The overall accomplishment of this design group is truly astounding and the

judges found it necessary to identify this incredible work product and accomplishment. It is worthy of the attention and we hope to see more of its kind as we progress in

our effort to provide housing for all elements of our society.

Photographer: Kelly Barrie

Calistoga Family Apartments

Calistoga, California


BLH Construction


Corporation for Better Housing


YM Architects

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