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Best International Commercial &Special Use Project

Judges Statement:

The Dai Show Theatre is a purpose built theatre located within Xishuangbanna International Resort. The theatre was designed, with inspiration from

the local culture and nature of Xishuangbanna. It is the home for Dai Show, a permanent acrobatic water show created by show producer Franco Dragone.

The structure of the theatre is inspired by the geometry of the local palm frond, folding in a manner which increases the structural rigidity and echoes the roofs of local

architecture. The golden roof is split into two tiers expressing the folding nature of palm fronds, it acts as a canopy for the open-air lobby and the structural openings

between the tiers allow for natural ventilation responding to Xishuangbanna’s subtropical climate.

The auditorium is arranged so that the audience is seated in the round stage. The main central stage has a performance basin containing a pool plug which can be

lower down to allow for a dramatic dive off the catwalk above. Water can flood the areas separately and fill the entire performance basin. The holistic approach to the

complete design has created an extraordinary theatre, where the worlds of architecture and set design have been coherently and magically united.

Grand Award

Dai Show Theatre

Xishuangbanna, P.R. China


China Construction Second Engineering

Bureau Co.Ltd


Wanda Cultural Industry Group -

Wanda Cultural Tourism Planning & Research

Institute Co., Ltd.


Stufish Entertainment


Interior Design:

Stufish Entertainment Architects

Stage and Set Design:

Stufish Entertainment

Architects & Franco Dragone Entertainment


Award of Merit

Falling Lotus Blossoms: EON IT


Pune, India


Panchshil Realty


Form4 Architecture

Yellow River

Zhengzhou, China


China Construction

Seventh Engineering Co., LTD


Zhengzhou Huanghe Great View

Royal Garden Co., LTD.


Bassenian Lagoni

COFCO (China Oil&Foodstuffs

Corporation) Yalong Bay Conference


Hainan, China


Hainan Second Construction Co., Ltd.


Sanya Hongxia Development and

Construction Co.,Ltd.


Shanghai JWDA Design Co., Ltd.

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